Copy files faster, and more efficiently

Are you the kind of a person who always keeps working on data across different drives and disks – moving them and copying them over and over. Then, most probably, the inbuilt Windows file copier is very inefficient to you.

You can’t pause copying files, and if you’re in the middle of copying 100 files or so, and just that 51st file proves problematic, the entire copying process abruptly stops. If you’ve encountered such situations before, TeraCopy is what you really need to have.

Copy files faster with TeraCopy

Here’s what you get with TeraCopy. It does more than just copying your files faster.

  • TeraCopy easily replaces your default system files copy utility
  • Pause and resume file transferring
  • If a file is corrupted, TeraCopy tries its best to recover data from that file. Unlike the default windows copier, it doesn’t terminate the entire copying process just because a single file could not be copied

Just select the files/folders you want to copy, right click and select ‘TeraCopy’ from the menu. TeraCopy opens, and use the ‘Copy To’ and ‘Move To’ buttons to specify the destination. The copying process begins.

TeraCopy is a free download, you can get it from the site. There’s a Pro version available with more advanced features.