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By on April 17th, 2008

Designing and coding CSS based templates is not the easiest thing for many people. To top it many designers do not have much time to spare from their complex design work to learn it.

For many designers Photoshop is the ultimate tool and they can create numerous design using it, every design they create results in a PSD file which is a format in which Photoshop stores the design. The problem arises when a designer needs to convert the final PSD file into a valid XHTML / CSS template.

Like they say for every problem lies a solution and PSD 2 CSS Online addresses the problem many of the designers face by allowing them to convert PSD files into valid XHTML / CSS code by just uploading their PSD files online.

psd2css online converts your fantastic, creative, artistic, no holds barred web page designs into strict XHTML compliant CSS web pages automatically. Use Photoshop or The Gimp to express yourself and create the most professional, aesthetically perfect and functional designs you can think of. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and is technically the best way to build your web pages.

Upload your .psd designs, download your .html file and images. It’s that simple.

So if you are designer and want to convert your PSD files to CSS don’t head to find a developer and pay them $$, use this service and convert your beautiful designs into valid XHTML / CSS templates using psd2css online.

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  • maheshexp

    PSD to CSS is a cool idea. As you said writing CSS it not a layman job. But even working with PSD is also bit tough…

  • nyunyu

    Hey Keith, nice lead you got here. I thought there isn’t something like this and to my surprised, it does works! Only nothing beats manual work. ;)

  • Bargain Shopping

    I was looking for something like this, so thank you.

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  • ari syarifudin

    Good information. I would like to try it. Thanks for your news. Great jobs

  • Haris

    Oh thanks a lot! A very useful tool.

  • Magie

    This tool can make designer job become easier. Converting PSD format usually bring big problem to me although it is not the main part of the job.

  • Marketing Man

    Will go and check it out, thanks. The company that we are with requires that new comers must be able to do css and xhtml in notepad. They say that designers must understand the limitations of code when designing.

  • Web Designing Quotes

    Good information. I would like to try it. Thanks for your news. Great jobs

  • tin thanh hóa

    very good, thanks, begin you

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