Convert And Use Bookmarks Between Different Browsers With Transmute

Many of use more than one browser to surf the internet, bookmarking websites as we go, without realizing that we do not have a centralized place where we store the bookmarks. We had written a post to help you synchronize bookmarks between different browsers, but those would not work on browsers like and since they do not have support for the tools.


Transmute on the other hand is a bookmark converter that will allow you to and synchronize your bookmarks between multiple browsers including , Google Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer.

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Transmute is a must have freeware utility for anyone who wants to quickly make a switch from one browser to another and want to take their bookmarks along.

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4 thoughts on “Convert And Use Bookmarks Between Different Browsers With Transmute”

  1. Ive been running transmute for 2 days straight now without any further advancement on the green bar. This is the second time I’ve tried this program and it doesn’t seem to be working, what is going on, does it normally take this long?

    Thank you

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