Compress Image Size On The Fly [Imaging Tools]

Digital cameras have become a common place today, and sharing photos even more easier. But the fact that the image sizes are still quite large makes photo sharing a bit harder.

Imagine having to send several images that are more than 4-5Mb in size, and to top it the fact that most free email services do not allow attachments more than 20MB in size. So in order to send out 20 images you will have to compose 4 different mails. Agreed that there are several image sharing sites, but many people may be unaware about those or simply prefer to use images.

Shrink Pic is a free and handy utility that automatically compresses the image size on the fly when you send a email, while you share a photo using instant messengers or upload images to the Internet. Shrink Pic allows you to send dozens of photos as email attachments – quickly and with no effort at all!

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