Compare Photoshop files Layer by Layer with ComparePSD

Each and every one of us who has used Photoshop knows that when working on a big project it is prudent to keep saving copies of the same project as you progress. This is a   huge help as you can always go back to a previous version of your work if necessary, however, the problem lies in knowing the exact version of the project to go back to. Often, going through each and every file becomes too tedious a task. This greatly increases the amount of time spent on the project.

The good news for Windows users is that there is a free utility called ComparePSD that carries out a quick comparison of Photoshop PSD files on a layer-by-layer and effect-by-effect basis, making your search for that particular version of your work a whole lot easier!

You can select the files to be compared by right-clicking on them in Windows Explorer, meaning that the files can be selected from the folder itself without opening them first. ComparePSD will then show the files side by side and compare each and every layer in terms of the effects used in each layer, the layer visibility flags as well as the styling attributes. Thumbnails also contribute towards highlighting and making the differences more easy to detect.

The minimum OS requirement for ComparePSD is Windows XP.

The picture above offers a glimpse of how ComparePSD lists the differences between two selected PSD files.

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