Close All Programs And Eject USB Drive With EjectUSB

We have already covered some softwares that help you eject your USB drive smoothly, so why this new one? EjectUSB is a little different and more useful compared to other USB ejections program.

EjectUSB is a freeware that closes all your portable programs that are running and then attempts ejection. All you need to do is specify the drive and EjectUSB would close all programs running from that drive. I find it a very useful application for times when you are trying the windows feature to eject your USB drive but a warning pops up saying you have some programs running.

EjectUSB also offers some extended functionalities like flushing the file cache, closing explorer windows, removing registry entries and removing any document shortcuts referencing the specified drive. Click here to checkout a demo video for EjectUSB.

Download EjectUSB here.

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