Cleanup Your Keyboard Without Typing Gibberish

How many times have you tried to clean your keyboard while the PC is on? Well isn’t it quite funny to see the mess that is created when you do that.

Keyboard Locker is quite a handy utility for busy professionals like us who think that cleaning the keyboard when the PC is off is a crime.


Keyboard Locker works out of the box and can be run by simply double clicking on the executable. Once the application is running you can lock or unlock your keyboard by clicking and holding both the Ctrl buttons. You can also lock and unlock the keyboard by right clicking on the icon in the taskbar and choosing the lock or unlock.

Once your keyboard is locked you can clean it without having to worry about anything funny happening or some gibberish being typed on the screen.

Keyboard Locker is completely free to use and we would recommend this utility to all those who don’t have time to turn off your PC while cleaning your keyboards.

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