Clean Your Windows Registry With TweakNow RegCleaner

The registry is the most important part of Windows. It contains all of the information that controls the behavior of Windows. Most applications use the registry to save their configurations but some of them fail to remove their entries even after uninstalling. This leads to slowdown on your computer and gradually increases the load time of your system. This problem can be easily solved using TweakNow RegCleaner.

Reg Cleaner

TweakNow RegCleaner is a free utility that cleans all of the obsolete entries from the Windows registry. It quickly scans your registry and finds out all of the outdated entries. You can easily clean your registry within seconds. It also allows you to backup your registry before cleaning them so that if something goes wrong, you can easily restore your registry.

The interface of this program is quite simple and easy to use. This program helps your system run more smoothly. I highly recommend you to run this program at least once a week to keep your system at top performance. TweakNow RegCleaner works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

[ Download TweakNow RegCleaner ]

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