Clean Up Internet Activity, Recent Files, Registry and More with CleanAfterMe

Do you often worry about your privacy? Do you often clear your recent files list and Internet History? If you are doing these things quite often, it is time for you to do a break and let a nifty little software take over from you.

CleanAfterMe is a real handy utility which will allow you to clear you recent files list, Internet cookies, browsing history, Internet cache, temporary registry entries like last visited folder, open/save dialog history and more.

CleanAfterMe is a portable application and does not require any installation, simply drop it in any portable drive and you can use it features on any PC, specially useful when you are on a business trip and work out of your pen drive on a temporary computer.


CleanAfterMe is definitely a must have utility since it will clear out any traces of user activity, leaving the PC without any traces.

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