Clean Up and Organize Windows Start Menu Items into Custom Folders

As you install more and more programs in your computer, the Windows start menu is populated by folders, icons and may be folder groups. You lose both time and energy using a cluttered start menu and the going gets difficult if there are nested folders.

In such situations, TidyStartMenu – a freeware utility for Windows can help. The application can organize Windows start menu items into categories and custom folders. You can also get rid of those start menu items which you never use. Moreover, the application lets you import and export settings, thus making your job easier when you format the system.

After the application is installed, run the program and choose the simple wizard mode.


The program scans the items currently present in the start menu and shows you the entire list of program shortcuts as shown below:


There are 8 basic categories available – Office, utilities, games, entertainment, internet, programming, graphics and security. The pro version of the program lets you delete existing categories and create custom categories from the program interface.

To start organizing the program shortcuts, select the checkbox placed next to a program and the item is moved to that category.

I tried the program and it worked like a charm. Here is how my start menu looks in Windows Vista:


If you want to keep certain shortcuts untouched, just make sure you leave the checkbox unchecked. The program is free and works in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Techie Buzz Verdict

TidyStartMenu does what it says and lets you organize program shortcuts in different categories. You can delete empty and broken shortcuts and create a backup of the start menu folders. There are no flaws or drawbacks found with the utility.

Techie Buzz rating: 5/5 (Perfect).

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