Clean CSS: Web Based CSS Formatter and Optimizer

Clean CSS is a web based tool for CSS formatting and optimization, a handy application for web designers. It basically takes your CSS code and makes it compact and clean. It helps you get comparatively small CSS file size, with shorthand coding.

CleanCSS doesn’t include a validator which points outs errors in your code. So, its advisable to make sure that your code is well formed via the W3C Validator.

To get started, just copy and paste your CSS code into the ‘CSS input’ field on the site. There is also an option to upload your CSS file from a URL. It enables you to choose the compression standards ranging between high readability and smallest size. Other options include,

  • Sorting selectors and properties
  • Optimize selectors and their properties
  • Discard invalid properties
  • Remove unnecessary backslashes etc.,

As in the above image, it provides you with the optimized CSS code, along with the input, output file sizes and the compression ratio. It’s a must bookmark tool for web designers to quickly format and optimize CSS code.

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