Chrome Plus – The Evolution Of Google Chrome

No prizes for guessing that Google Chrome is the fastest browser on earth. Google Chrome is still a kid in the browser war. Within one year of its launch, it has gained a market share of nearly 2.5%. Google Chrome is always known for its simplicity. Though Google Chrome has less feature as compared to Mozilla Firefox, here is a modified version of Google Chrome, which is definitely worth a try.

Chrome Plus Screenshot

Chrome Plus is a tweaked version of Google Chrome. It has several of additional features as compared to Google Chrome. Chrome Plus is build on the open-source project Chromium. Some extra features in Chrome Plus include – double click tab to close page, mouse gestures, super drag, IE tab and download tools support in context menu.

About Chrome Plus

Additional Features In Chrome Plus

1) Double Click tab to close page: Everytime you need to close a tab, you will have to double click on the close button. This prevents accidental clicks on the close button.

2) Mouse Gestures: Chrome Plus has an advanced mouse gesture which were earlier seen in Firefox and Opera.

Mouse Gesture

3) Super Drag: With the help of super drag, you will have to just drag a link anywhere on the page and the link will be automatically opened on the new tab.

4) IE Tab: With the help of this feature, you can open IE compatible web pages in Chrome itself. All you have to do is just click on the IE tab button situated at the end of location bar.

5) Download Tools Supported In Context Menu: Now you have the added benefit of downloading stuffs in your download manager. Just right click the link and select the download manager.

If you are a constant user of Google Chrome, you will definitely like this modified build of Google Chrome.

Chrome Plus [via. Life Rocks 2.0]

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  • Omkar, I loved Google Chrome, especially its Super Drag feature. No other browser, including Firefox has this magnificent function!

    • @Wilson
      Absolutely right. This is one of the best feature in Chrome Plus. We are expecting many more features to come in Google Chrome, including advanced support for addons.

  • bruno

    where can i get this chrome’s skin¿? *-*

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  • Petra

    GreenBrowser ( has had mouse gestures more customisable than Chrome Plus since 2002! Its a much better and more customisable browser than any other. The latest versions have features undreamed of by more mainstream browsers.

  • Kumar S

    have you ever tried ChromePlus yourself?

    1st off, u dont have to double click the close button to close a tab, it closes in a single click….. the feature means you can double click a tab itself to close that page…. and it wasnt made to prevent mis-closings, its was just meant to make the ux simpler… u have a dedicated restore tab button to open closed tabs…

    mouse gestures aren’t just those which were seen in ff and opera… they are highly customizable n efficient in chromeplus, its just different….

    super-drag doesnt just mean u can drag links to open in new tabs…. it even allows u to drag random text and search it with your default search engine….

    its got many other little features that can prove to be pretty useful…

    please don’t review stuff which you havent even tried urself….

    -an irate reader