Check Feedburner Feed Statistics From Your Desktop

Feedburner is one of the most popular services for publishing RSS feeds and email updates. If you login to your Feedburner account you would be able to view statistics such as clicks, subscribers and so on.

Now, what if you can view all this information from the comfort of your desktop? RSS Feed counter is a desktop application which will display the statistics for any Feedburner feed on your desktop, allowing you to analyze the data without having to visit the Feedburner website.


RSS Feed counter will allow you to fetch the data for any feed, including one’s not owned by you (please see note below). The application works by pulling data from the Awareness API and displaying it to you in a neat format. You can also poll data for a date range, which will then allow you to compare data between different days.

Note: To use this tool, the feed in question will have to have the "Awareness API" enabled. If you want to enable it for your feed, visit Publicize -> Awareness API in your feed dashboard and activate the service.

Techie Buzz Verdict

This tool could be used to quickly analyze data on the desktop and know your feed count, reach and hits. Also the app is a bit rough around the edges, you might need to use the "Clear All" button quite often when you are trying to check on different feeds.

However, the bad thing is that you need to activate the Awareness API, which would then make the data available to your feed to everyone. If you decide to not turn on the Awareness API, this app will do no good to you.

Coming to think of it, it would be great if Feedburner could fine tune the Awareness API, by adding an API key for accessing the data. It would then make more sense, rather than having to make the data public to everyone. Are you reading Feedburner?

Download RSS Feed Counter [via Shout Me Loud]

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