Hooeey Webprint Builds An Offline Archive Of Webpages You Visit In Firefox

Do you need to automatically capture snapshots of webpages you visit, without having to bookmark them manually or having to search them later from the browser’s browsing history ?

Hooeey Webprint, an Adobe air app keeps a closer eye on the pages you visit in Firefox and automatically captures a full page snapshot so that you can quickly find the websites you visited in a given time period.


The best thing regarding Hooeey Webprint is that all the data is stored locally on your computer so that you can quickly view the full page screenshot of earlier visited pages, when no internet connection is available.

This is extremely useful for designers and developers who need a better way to archive screen mockups, design prototypes on which they were working through out the day.

Since the app runs on the Adobe Air platform, the program works with Windows, Linux and MAC computers. Following are some of the nifty features of Hooeey webprint:

Real Time Web Page Capture: Hooeey webprint captures the snapshots automatically in the background. There are no settings to configure and absolutely nothing to tweak. Once the browser extension is in place, the add-on automatically keeps recording the snapshots in the background and archives them for later viewing.

Tagging And Searching: The app contains a useful Search pagesfeature which allows you to filter webpages by keywords and tags. So if you want to filter archived pages from a particular website, simply type the domain name in the search box and hit the Returnkey


Otherwise, you can also use the auto generated tag cloud on the left sidebar, which filters archived pages according to keywords.

Sharing Screenshots: Sharing a particular screenshot is easy, double click the thumbnail to expand it into the full view. Then you can share the screenshot on Twitter, Facebook or open the link in your browser.

There is also a printoption which can be used to print out the complete full page screenshot of a webpage you had previously visited.


Complete Privacy Control: Worried that your 7 year old kid who knows a thing or two regarding apps can spy on your browsing activities ? Hooeey webprint allows you to password protect your offline archive so that only you can open the local snapshots and no other shared users of the same   computer has access to the local archive.

Custom Blocklists: Sometimes you might want to prevent specific webpages from being recorded e.g search results, Facebook news feed and so on. In those situations, you can define a custom block list of URL’s in the blocklist settingspanel.

This includes private IP’s, custom FTP addresses or secure sites (https).


In addition, Hooeey webprint lets you completely export all the data to a custom email address or you can also export all the snapshots, meta tags and full text archive to your local computer.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Hooeey Webprint is very useful when you want an easier way to archive all the webpages for later viewing. The extension is available only for Internet Explorer and Firefox, which seems to be the only downside of the application.

Techie Buzz Verdict: 3.5 (Very Good).

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