Capture And Upload Screenshots To Flickr With Social Screen Capture

Saving screenshots on your computer and uploading them onto your Flickr account is a boring and tiresome job to do. Here is a utility that helps you to do this work in an easy way.

Social Screen Capture is a simple and useful utility for Windows users. With this, users can directly capture and upload the screenshots to Flickr with a single click. Moreover, this is a light weight app that just occupies about 4 MB of your system memory!

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Using this application is a child’s play. It has no complications. Install the application, authorize it with your Flickr account, capture and upload the screenshots.

Here is a pic of how it looks:

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Techie Buzz Verdict

First, let us look at the good points of this one; It is a very light-weight app, or rather weightless. It reduces lot of time consumption by enabling you to upload screenshots with a single click. It automatically deletes the pictures after you close the application. That saves a lot of memory. Very simple interface.

There also a few bugs. It has an error in authorizing with Picasa account. However, no errors with Flickr. It doesn’t show any message about whether upload is successful or not after the upload is complete.  

Techie Buzz Rating: 2.5/5

However, a nice app to have if you use Flickr a lot.

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