Capture and Share Screenshots With ScreenSnapr

There are literally hundreds of tools for taking screen shots, then why would be bother telling you about a new one? The reason lies in the unique features of ScreenSnapr.

ScreenSnapr is a light-weight application that not only allows you to capture screen shots effectively, but also lets you   upload and share them with minimal keystrokes. After you have installed ScreenSnapr on your computer, all you need to initiate a screen capture is press Ctrl + 1. Then simply drag out the area you want to capture and the image will automatically be uploaded to the ScreenSnapr servers.

You can also specify a folder on your own server and images would automatically be uploaded to that folder. If, instead, your purpose is to share the screenshot with others, ScreenSnapr will provide you with a shortened URL of the uploaded image using that you can share over email, chat or IM.

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Tehseen Baweja

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