Budget Tracker Tracks Your Budget On Your Desktop

Oh am I running out of cash? How did that happen? These are few questions we tend to ask ourselves whenever we are reaching the end of the month, since many times we do not keep track of income and expenditures and don’t realize when we cross our budgets.


Budget Tracker is a simple tool created in which will allow you to track you income and expenses and create a proper budget without breaking your head. It allows you add different types of accounts such as Income account, Utility accounts, Loan Accounts, Credit Card accounts and Misc Expenses Account.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Budget Tracker is a very basic budget tracking program and does not feature things such as an option to add day to day expenses. In addition to that, it also lacks the ability to create budget accounts for different months, so you are need to edit the same account over and over again.

Budget Tracker is good for very basic use.

Ratings: 1.5/5 (Average)

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One thought on “Budget Tracker Tracks Your Budget On Your Desktop”

  1. I would recommend checking out http://www.greensherpa.com as well. It has a great cashflow projection feature, which allows you to plan and budget accordingly when you have expenses later down the line (ie purchasing new tires for your car, or planning for a vacation)

    There are a lot of different tools out there that can help you become financial savvy, but after testing out a few, Green Sherpa is my favorite by far. Budget Tracker seems a little too simplistic, even for those who are just starting on getting their finances in check.

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