Boost/Increase P2P and Torrent Download Speeds

By default, Windows allows only 10 half-open connections at any time. Such a limit is imposed to decrease the chances of a worm spreading incase the machine is infected. This also decreases the internet connection’s speed by a certain level. But if you already have a good level of security measures applied, removing this limit does not pose any risk. Torrent downloading speeds are also affected by this limit. Nobody likes sluggish downloads, so P2P Turbo is here to our rescue.

How to Boost P2P and Torrent Download Speeds

P2P Turbo is a small utility that makes the task of increasing download speeds effortless. It increases the open connection limit and thus increases internet speed by a significant degree.



Upon selecting the Torrent client you use and connection type, you’ll have click on the scan button which will scan your computer for the network settings that have been enabled. It will then tweak your network settings and create a better environment for p2p downloading. P2P Turbo supports many popular torrent clients like BitTorrent, Limwire, Bitcomet etc.


Within the Advance Settings dialog, you can actually select how many open TCP connections you want, P2P traffic priority, connected peers per seed and lot more settings which not only affect your p2p downloading speed but also normal http downloading speed.

P2P Turbo doesn’t require any installation. Just run the exe file and go tweaking!

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