Boost Your Flash Drive Productivity With Tiny USB Office [Portable Software]

Tiny USB Office is definitely one application everyone who owns a flash drive should have. The utility packs quite a punch with the number of utilities they pack in a meager 2.5 megabytes.

With Tiny USB Office you can create PDF files, spreadsheets, flowcharts, word files and even transfer files using FTP. If you decide to send out a quick email you can do it too along with chatting with your MSN buddies. And if you are paranoid about security you can easily use the include data encryption software to protect your files.

Tiny USB Office is comes from the same folks who also created Floppy Office, a useful collection of softwares you could once carry in the now outdated 1.4MB Floppy drives.


Tiny USB Office comes bundled in with the following softwares:

  • Database Creation – with CSVed
  • Data Encryption – with DScrypt
  • Email Client Software – with NPopUK
  • File Compression – with 100 Zipper
  • File Sharing – with HFS
  • File Transfer – with FTP Wanderer
  • Flowchart Creation – with EVE Vector Editor
  • MSN Messenger Client – with PixaMSN
  • Tree-Style Outliner Software – with Mempad
  • PDF Creation – with PDF Producer
  • Password Recovery – with XPass
  • Secure Deletion – with DSdel
  • Spreadsheet Creation – with Spread32
  • Text Editing – with TedNotepad
  • Word Processing – with Kpad
  • Program Launching – with Qsel

We would definitely recommend this utility to everyone since it is only 2.5MB and would barely take up any space on your flash drive.

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