Boost Up Your Firefox Speed With SpeedyFox

Though Firefox is the most preferred browser, it lacks speed as compared to Google Chrome. Firefox can be customized easily with the help of thousand of addons, but it is far behind in terms of speed.

Speedy Fox

SpeedyFox is a tiny utility that will boost up the speed of Firefox with a single click. SpeedyFox will speed-up the browsing history and it will perform faster operations with the cookies. Because of this your Firefox will startup 3 times faster and pages will be loaded with an increadible speed.

Firefox BoosterSpeedyfox won’t alter your existing profile. It will keep all your bookmarks as well as passwords as it is. It will defragment the database in a safe manner. SpeedyFox will boost up the overall speed of Firefox.

We have tested SpeedyFox and it proves to be the best Firefox optimization utility. Just optimize your Firefox with the help of this tiny utility and you will know the difference within a second. We recommend this utility to all the fans of Mozilla Firefox. Happy Surfing!

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