Block USB Ports With USB Blocker

USB devices are the best way to port data from one place to another, without the need to carry heavy devices, however USB devices are also pretty vulnerable and can spread viruses to your main PC without you knowing.

USB Blocker is a handy that will allow you to control your USB ports, disallowing or blocking access to them, this in turn will help you secure your system from vulnerabilities that exist on many unchecked USB devices.

System administrators usually need to deploy blocks to individual computers to block USB ports, however with USB Blocker you can easily control the USB ports on remote computers from a centralized place, without having to install software on individual computers.


Unlike other solutions, USB Blocker requires no deployment on client computers and relies only on built-in Group Policy mechanisms. Another advantage of the tool is simplicity, only a couple of mouse clicks to get the work done. And the most exciting: the software is completely free of charge.

Download USB Blocker

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