Download Bing Toolbar For Firefox and Internet explorer

Microsoft has launched the Bing toolbar, better known as Bingbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer, which you can download here.The Bingbar is way more thicker than other browser toolbars and looks ultra cool. Given below is a screenshot of the Bing toolbar


Features of the New Bing Toolbar: Bingbar

Bingbar can be used to search Bing directly from the toolbar. Just type your search query and you can search for images, videos and news. Type Ctrl + M to start your search.


Bingbar also comes with some cool buttons which you can use for a variety of purposes. You can check your email at Hotmail, check weather forecasts, auto fill web forms and read the latest news from the browser toolbar itself.


The toolbar can glow the newsbutton when there is some important or much hyped news to read. To check the email of your Hotmail account, just click the Hotmailbutton and a pop up window opens. You can sign in with your Windows Live ID to check your Hotmail account.


You can add more buttons in the Bingbar from the buttons gallery. The buttons can be rearranged according to your desire. Below is a brief preview of the buttons gallery in Bing Toolbar.


The best thing about Bing Toolbar is that you do not require to install the toolbar in Internet Explorer or Firefox separately. One installation is sufficient to bring the toolbar in both the browsers.

You can change the color and the theme of the Bingbar from Toolbar options(click the small wrench icon in extreme right).


Download Bing Bar

Techie-Buzz Verdict

Bing Toolbar looks cool but it makes Internet Explorer slow to load. The toolbar is extra wide and takes up good amount of space in the browser.

Techie-Buzz rating: 3/5 (Average)

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