Better Windows Clipboard Management with xNeat Clipboard Manager

The Windows Clipboard Manager is not really the thing you could rely on, since it only holds one entry in the memory, the clipboard erases the previous entries every time you copy something, this could be quite annoying as there is no real way to get back the older entry you had copied.

We have also previously mentioned about similar tools like Clipomatic and Clipx, xNeat is our latest favorite as it is a no hassle clipboard manager and does it job without any issues on Windows Vista.

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xNeat Clipboard Manager does not require any additional configuration, it runs in the background and monitors the clipboard for items you copy. using Ctrl + V will paste the last item from the clipboard, if you want to iterate through other entries you will have to use a special shortcut Ctrl + Shift + V which will show you a list of entries that are available in xNeat clipboard manager.


You can choose any of the entries by using the up and down arrow keys or using the mouse.

3 thoughts on “Better Windows Clipboard Management with xNeat Clipboard Manager”

  1. This can be very useful, thank you. Just the other day I copied something I needed to keep and before I pasted it into a saved temp document, I copied something else.

    I had to start over.

    Do you know if this program comes with any kind of spy or adware?

    1. @John, this program is certified to be spyware and adware free, I would take care not to endorse unsafe products to our readers :)

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