Flip Toast Is An Awesome Desktop App for Facebook

There are several apps available to access on the desktop, however, sadly I haven’t found anything worthwhile. That is until today when I came across an App recommended by Manan called Flip Toast.

Facebook Notification Flip Toast

Flip Toast is an app based on and is by far one of the best Facebook Desktop apps I have ever come across. The app has a neat interface and provides users with an option to drag and drop images to upload them to Facebook along with giving you an option to catch up with your Facebook feed and also Facebook notifications.

Facebook Upload Photos, Update Status from Desktop

Flip Toast provides and intuitive interface which looks great and does the job pretty well. For example, you can click on the update icon and update your status or click on the photos icon to drag and drop photos and upload them to your Facebook profile.

Flip Toast also display your feed updates through small notification blurbs which disappear after a few seconds. However, you can also like or comment on posts from your desktop itself.

Overall this is one of the best desktop apps I have ever seen, however, make sure to install the app from their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=166111553400149 as the app installer on their website comes with several unwanted things.

Go ahead and use this app, I am very sure that you won’t be disappointed with it.

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  • fliptoast is very good apps.

  • at last an easy access! thanks to you man! 1

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    I love this application

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    I like fliptoast in my f

  • I recommend this great Facebook app. Warmly, Susie Daniels.

  • Brian Adams

    BEWARE. I downoaded flip toast to see if I wanted it, tried to remove it and am left with an irriating icon on the desktop, and on most applications, which I cannot get rid of. I wonder what other residuals are lurking.

  • I cant comment on posts from my desktop, it opens the facebook website on a new window.

  • Hi Keith,

    Thank you for posting about FlipToast! We have a shiny new version of FlipToast for the standard desktop that we’d love for you to
    check out (don’t forget to uninstall the old version first J).
    The next version of FlipToast for Windows
    8 Store Preview will also be available today and we’d love to hear your
    feedback on either of the new versions!