Best Clipboard Manager for Windows: Clipomatic

The biggest annoyance I have with the Windows OS is that it does not support storing multiple text in the clipboard. Except for Microsoft Word which has its own Clipboard and stores up to 24 clips you cannot store multiple data in the clipboard. This tends to become quite a hassle. To get over the annoyance I always paste the current text in memory to a text file before copying something new so that I do not erase something that might be important.

The problem occurs when you have copied a certain text and then copied something else without pasting the older text. Due to the Clipboard remembering only one clip your older clip is erased from the memory. Nevertheless I have done it quite a lot of time and lost something important text and have had to retype the entire thing again.

Clipomatic is the perfect solution to the problem. It creates a cache of what has been copied to the clipboard and does not erase the old clip. Which means that you can now store more than 1 item in the Clipboard.

By default Clipomatic allows you to store up to 10 items in the clipboard but you can easily change this by going to the settings. In addition to that instead of the regular Ctrl + V combination to paste items you will have to use a new shortcut Ctrl + Alt + V which is also configurable in the settings. Pressing the new shortcut key for pasting will bring up a new menu from which you can choose the text you want to past.


Well if you think that’s all to it then you will be in for a surprise. Clipomatic has a cool feature where you can create permanent clips which can be available to you even when no text is copied to the clipboard. This will help you store text that you frequently used to be copied quickly and easily. This feature could be very useful if when you may have to paste your hobbies, about you etc in social networking sites or even your website description which many sites ask for.

Do add a permanent clip to the Clipomatic Clipboard right click on the icon in the system tray and click on Clipset Editor. Once you have done that a new window will pop up. Right click in this New and click on add clip.


Another window will pop up in this add the text you want to be made permanently available to you and click on Ok. Once you have done that close the Clipset Editor. The next time you use the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + V you will able to see the permanent clips as an option.

Clipomatic works in any application including browsers, text editors and documents. All you have to do is use the new shortcut Ctrl + Alt + V.


Clipomatic is genuinely one of the best softwares I have come across till date. It solves the biggest problem I have had for years and I would definitely add this one to my must have applications that should be installed with any PC.

The permanent clip option is also quite a nice feature. I can simply create permanent clips for the site description, about me and easily paste it into websites that require it.

Do you use any other softwares to manage your clipboard. Do let me know about it, I am always on the lookout for interesting softwares.

Download: Clipomatic Clipboard Manager

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  • good one man. another one to my arsenal

    • Keith Dsouza

      Definitely Ashish this one does rock

  • Nice find buddy. This will definatively increase my productivity.

  • Now I just need a portable version! Being used to Glipper and Klipper, this would be great for those times when I’m on a Windows computer.

  • Eugene

    Nice one! I’ll give it a go.

    I was using Clipdiary but this one certainly looks a whole lot better.


  • anonymous

    It sucks.
    It’s slow to open clip history, select, and then paste using hotkeys.

    CLCL is much faster, intuitive and inserts the clips directly. No stupid hotkeys.