Two Ways to BackUp Tweetdeck Preferences – Online and Offline

TweetDeck is undoubtedly one of the best desktop clients for managing your Twitter account. The client supports column view for tweets, lists and groups and can save preferences so that you can restore them later on any computer. Here are two methods which you can use to backup and sync TweetDeck preferences across multiple computers:

Sync TweetDeck preferences using a TweetDeck account

1. Open TweetDeck and click settings (wrench icon) at the right top of the TweetDeck window.

2. Switch to the “Sync” tab and create a new TweetDeck account. Enter your email address and choose a password for the account which you are going to create. Please note that the email address used here need not be the same address which you used to sign up for Twitter.


3. Hit “Create account” and you are done. Whenever you reinstall TweetDeck on another computer or perform a system format, go to settings and enter the TweetDeck login credentials. The preferences, columns, lists and groups would be restored to match with the settings since the last time you used TweetDeck. (also read: Best Tips and Tricks for TweetDeck).

Backup TweetDeck Settings Without Creating any Account

What if you do not want to create a TweetDeck account to sync the preferences? Maybe you would not like to remember yet another username and password combination and want an easy option to back up the settings locally on your computer.

Enter TDBackup – a free batch script for Windows which lets you backup and restore TweetDeck settings. The script does not requires any installation and can be used from a USB stick.

Once you unzip the package, you will see two batch scripts -backuptweetdeck.bat and restoretweetdeck.bat.


Run the backuptweetdeck.bat script and it will create a backup folder in the same directory. Copy all the contents to a safe place and whenever you want to restore the settings, run the restoretweetdeck.bat script. If you are using Windows7 or Windows Vista, remember to run the scripts in administrator mode. Thanks LifeRocks.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Both the methods work well but I think the offline trick is more useful. Using the scripts, I can create separate TweetDeck environments and backup the settings locally in my computer. The online backup do not provide any option for multiple backups of a single account, although it’s easier than the offline one.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3.5/5 (very good).

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