Quickly Backup Removable Media With FlashBack

FlashBack is a simple portable application whose sole purpose is to backup data from removable media (such as pen drives, memory cards, MP3 players and digital cameras).
Backing up data with FlashBack is simple. Just launch this utility and select your backup location. FlashBackup will do the rest for you. FlashBack automatically backs up all removable devices connected to your computer. Not only that the next time you run FlashBack it will automatically detect any new or modified files and back them up.

FlashBack - Backup Removable Media

By default FlashBack will copy everything it finds on your device. However, you can easily specify the file types (extensions) you want to back up by selecting any of the pre-defined extensions. Don’t worry if you couldn’t find your desired file format in the list. Adding a custom file extension is also dead simple.

FlashBack - Backup Selected File Types

There are dozens of data backup utilities (both free and paid) in the market. In fact you will be spoiled for choice. However, not everyone requires the advanced features offered by these sophisticated utilities. FlashBack is a simple USB backup device which does what it’s supposed to without unnecessarily complicating things. It’s ideal for folks who want to simply copy content from their MP3 player or Digital Camera.

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