Outlook Backup: Backup Email, Contacts, Calendar, Rules, Signatures, Tasks and more in Outlook With Ease

We had a little nightmare with our PC since past few weeks, with downloads troubling us all the time, making our system work slower than ever. The best way we could resolve this issue was by factory reinstalling the laptop so that we could start from scratch.

There was never a better time for the folks at Outlook Backup to order a review from us, and we were more than glad to have such a useful software that made backing up and restoring Outlook data a breeze.

Outlook backup allows you to backup and restore emails, settings, rules, contacts and almost everything you would require for a fresh install or just a regular scheduled backup.


Outlook backup has a real helpful wizard to backup and restore your outlook data, along with providing you with a strong security option so that no one can tinker with your backup files. We recommend users to password protect the files so that no one else can have access to it. Remember you need to close Outlook before you begin the backup.

Watch a Techie Buzz production on how you can backup Outlook data using OBF Outlook Backup.

You can restore you Outlook to its old settings by selecting Restore Outlook settings and providing the file you had created as a backup earlier. The software is not free and costs users $39.95, but it is definitely worth the price and will simplify the task of backing up your Outlook data by clicking on few buttons.

It is really a piece of cake and saves you a lot of headaches and we will definitely vouch to people to buy this software.

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