Backup and Restore Your Phone With Microsoft Phone Data Manager

Sometime back we had told you about 2 services to synchronize your contacts, calendar, tasks, notes and SMS with a service. Though several phones have PC suite backups, backing up data in multiple places definitely makes it more secure and combining both a online and a offline backup definitely has its benefits.


Microsoft Phone Data Manager is a special software offered by Microsoft to backup and restore your contacts, music, pictures and videos to your PC. You can backup your data using either Bluetooth or with a standard USB cable. You will need to have a Windows Live Hotmail account in order to backup your data.

Microsoft Phone Data Manager Features

Contacts: Microsoft Phone Data Manager Beta synchronizes the contacts present in your phone with your contact store on Windows Live Contacts, which is the same store that your Hotmail contacts uses. This way, your phone contacts are always present on the Internet, accessible via the contacts link on Hotmail.

Music, Pictures and Video: Microsoft Phone Data Manager Beta will download the music, pictures and videos present in your phone to a local folder on the computer you are using this application on.

How To Use Microsoft Phone Data manager?

You can use the Phone Data Manager as any other sync software, run the software and select the connectivity options for the phone, once you have established a connection you will be show options to backup your data.


Once you have selected the options, you will be asked the login credentials for your Windows Live Hotmail account, enter the credentials and follow the instructions to create your backup data. If you lose your phone or the data gets corrupted, you can simply sync back with the Windows Live Hotmail account.

Microsoft Phone Data Manager is absolutely free to download and use.

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