Autorun Eater Helps You Remove Suspicious Autorun Files

We previously showed you how to stop USB drives from loading programs automatically, so you can protect yourself from viruses that get into your autorun files. However, there are times when preventing all the autorun programs is not the ideal solution. This is where Autorun Eater can help.

Autorun Eater is a freeware utility that removes only those autorun files that it thinks are suspicious. This clean-up is performed even before the drive is accessed by the user. All the removed files are backed up incase the user wants to access them. You can also use Autorun Eater to completely disable Autoplay so no applications are automatically loaded.

Autorun Eater can help significantly in adding an extra layer of security and preventing your computer from malware that creeps into the autorun.inf files.

You can download Autorun Eater here.

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