Automatically Minimize InActive Windows With SweptAway

At any given time, an average computer user is working on several different things, switching from one software to another and minimizing and maximizing Windows. However, sometimes you are too lazy or forgetful to minimize all the inactive windows and they just sit there occupying space on your screen.

SweptAway is a small Windoes based application that has a simple solution tot his problem. Once installed, SweptAway automatically minimizes all the Windows that have been inactive for some time. By default that time is 300 seconds but it can be changed to anything you want by going into preferences. You can also have SweptAway run at Startup.

Swept Away

It is also understandable that some times you don’t want to minimize programs even if they have been inactive for a while. For that, SweptAway has an exclusions list. All the programs added to the exclusion list will not be minimized at all. Currently running programs can be added to the exclusions list by simply doing a right-click on the task bar. SweptAway only work with Windows based operating systems yet.

Download SweptAway from LifeHacker.

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