AutoPager Automatically Loads The Next Webpage Inline

One thing I don’t like while googling is loading page after page to get next results. Even though there is an option to extend the search results up to 100, sometimes we would like to go further down while making a deep search.

Recently, when I was browsing, I found an amazing addon for Firefox that can help you to load the next pages of search automatically within the window. The addon is called Autopager.

Auto Pager is darn useful when you do searches online. As you reach the end of the page you will be loading the next results in the same page. So, you just need to scroll down through the search results.

How To Use This?

This is just like Greasemonkey or TwitterFox addon. It sits in the status bar. You can enable or disable by clicking on it (the same way you do in Greasemonkey). When you visit a search engine for the first time, it will ask with a pop-up, whether to enable or disable this site from auto paging. For example, check this picture (click to enlarge).


Note: The auto paging will work only if someone has created a auto paging setting for a webpage. I tried for the three popular search engines, Google, Yahoo! and Bing and all of them have the auto paging feature.

If you want to create auto pager for your own webpages, then go through this tutorial on their home site.

This is how it loads new pages. It works for normal Google search and also Google Image Search.


Techie-Buzz Verdict

This is a highly recommended one. I know, even if I don’t tell you to, you will use it. It’s a great help while searching online.

Good News: Google Chrome users, don’t get dejected! This addon is even available for Google Chrome. Go ahead and download it here.

Techie-Buzz Rating: 5/5 (Excellent and must-use)

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