Automatically Change Wallpapers At Specified Intervals

Overtime you may have collected a excellent resource of desktop wallpapers, however with the default windows settings you can only apply one wallpaper at a time. So even though you may have several good wallpapers you will not be able to make use of them unless and until you keep changing them at regular intervals.

WPTimer is a free portable software that will automatically change the desktop background using a selection of wallpapers you specified after specified intervals.


WPTimer or Wallpaper Timer allows you to choose one or all the wallpapers available and rotate them at a given interval. WPTimer will rotate the wallpapers available in the default wallpaper directory, which is usually %SystemRoot%WebWallpaper so you can copy and paste your own wallpapers to the default directory or read the guide to learn how to change the default wallpaper directory in Windows.

Download WPTimer

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