Automate common tasks on your PC using E-Counter

Have you ever wished you could automate some common tasks on your computer because you always end up forgetting to do it yourself? Maybe you would like to have the computer shut down every night, but you normally forget and leave it on. If you could just set a timer to say one hour from now shut down my system, you can continue working and know your computer will turn off automatically.

Using the Schedule Task feature built into Windows is a pain to setup and doesn’t work that well. That’s where a nifty freeware application called E-Counter can help you automate tasks quickly and easily.

E-Counter  is a very light-weight utility that displays a digital counter on your desktop which displays a count-down specified by the user. When the time finishes, it can execute any of the following actions listed below:

(1) a sound,

(2) a visual effect in the main window,

(3) shutdown the system,

(4) hang up Internet connection,

(5) hang up internet connection, wait 30 seconds and then shutdown the system,

(6) display an image,

(7) hibernate PC,

(8) run external file,

(9) lock a workstation and

(10) display text message.

It supports up to 11 languages and has a nice clean easy to configure interface. Make sure you scroll down to UK when selecting your language, otherwise you won’t be able to read anything.

First you choose an effect, then you set the time that you want to count down from, and finally you can set whether you want to put a password during the countdown and prevent people from stopping it.

This could also be useful for parents who want to control their kids time on the Internet or on the computer. Set it to one hour, to lock the workstation, and put a password for the program and your kids will be kicked off in one hour flat! Nice. Though I don’t think they would think so.


Overall, it’s not the best program I have ever seen, but it’s useful for certain types of people and circumstances. If you want to quickly auto-schedule any of the above-mentioned items, check out eCounter. Enjoy!