Asterisk Password Revealer

Recently one of my friends had a problem, where she had forgotten her Yahoo password and could not remember the zip code she signed up for the account with, this was a huge problem for her since she had all her friends and contacts in her Yahoo address book.

Luckily for us, she had saved her username and password in Yahoo messenger, which gave us the only hope of recovering the password. Though we tried out several tools, Asterisk Key Password Revealer was what finally worked.

Asterisk Key is a handy freeware asterisk password revealer which allows you to penetrate the asterisks used to hide the passwords and reveal the actual passwords.


Once you have installed the software, you can start recovering password keys hidden behind asterisk keys by clicking on the recover link. Asterisk Key will start scanning open programs and web pages to display you the password hidden behind the asterisk key. If you are logged into the messenger, you will need to logout and keep the IM application open on the screen for it to reveal your passwords.

Asterisk key can be used to recover passwords from Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Digsby, AIM, Outlook or for that matter any desktop tool or web browser which allows you to store your password. A definite must have utility if you are someone who keeps forgetting your password all the time.

Download Asterisk Key Password Revealer

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  • Yikes. This has many scary uses too… Although if you have something you don’t want found on your computer (like passwords) then don’t save them their in the first place.

    • there, There, THERE! Why can’t I edit my mistakes?!?!?

  • I remember using this password before too. I had saved my password but forgot what the password was. After Google searching I found this product and it helped me figure it out! Thanks for posting it here, I may need to download it again.

  • for a simple javascript that does the same work n firefox check out

  • You can retrive the passwords of Firefox very easily, just check out the option section :)
    Go to Tools >> Options >> Security tab and saved passwords…

  • Nice find. You never know when this might come in handy.

  • It doesn’t work for me. I have Yahoo Messenger 8.1 and if I saved previously the password it can’t see it behind asterisks. It only works when the program is started and I type the password in yahoo. But if I don’t type it when the program Password Revealer is running it doesn’t work
    Any idea ?

  • Alex

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  • Nick

    Worked for me – I needed a password listed in the “Change Account” (Internet E-mail Settings) window of Outlook 2010 (the window that comes up when you ask to make changes to an email account).