aMSN: An MSN Messenger Clone That Is Better Than The Original

To start with, aMSN is an exact clone of MSN Messenger offering the same functionality and even the same look and feel. It lets you chat, transfer files, arrange contacts in groups, save chat logs, set automated away messages, do conferencing, use web cam and almost all the other good stuff that the original MSN Messenger allows you to. However, there are many features that make this clone almost better than the original MSN:

  • Multi OS Support. Works with Windows, Mac OS, Linux and even Nokia N900.
  • Multi language support: currently in over 40 languages.
  • Multi-account sign in.
  • Over 25 different skins to choose from.
  • Much lighter and quicker to install than MSN.
  • Lots of third-party plug-ins to customize the functionality.
  • Time stamping and tabbed chat windows.
  • Dual display pictures.
  • You can create your own plug-in.

MSN Messenger Clone

These are just some of the features that, to me, make aMSN a much better candidate to use than the original MSN Messenger. Of course there are other uses of it too for example if your school/office doesn’t allow you to install MSN or if the original MSN messes up your OS. To me, the simple fact that it is such a light-weight alternative is good enough to make the switch.

Download aMSN here. [Via ilovefreesoftware]

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  • EURGH.

    One of the worst UI designs of any free software i have ever tried.

    Ubuntu readers that may be reading this – use Emesene. Karmic and Lucid users espeically – it has webcam support, wink support, etc and it actually LOOKS nice.

    • Amen to that d0od! I'm a huge emesene fan, been using it for ages now. I remember the first time I tried aMSN. It was not a pleasant experience at all.. haha.
      Horrible design.

    • Darren

      I have to agree with d0od, aMSN is fugly when it comes to user interface, feels clunky and unusable.

      Emesene on the other hand is clean and intuitive to use.

  • Thanks for the link buddy :)

  • First of all you should not be telling people to use amsn. Because a few months ago I got an alert warning from Windows Defender which is installed on my Windows 7. And on all versions of Windows as Windows Defender is bundled With Windows 7 and Windows Vista. The red alert from Windows Defender said that the amsn download file has malware open Candy see here from the Microsoft website-

    But Windows Defender picked it up and right away removed the file from my computer and system 32. Microsoft has deemed Open Candy as spyware and Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Esentuals and MRT-Malicious Software Removal Tool,will detect and remove Open Candy as it is spyware. So Windows Defender saved my computer. So whatever you do DO NOT DOWNLOAD AMSN-as it has spyware-Open Candy. Use the real and safe Windows Live Messenger instead. Andrea Borman.