SmartTab: A Better Alt+Tab Alternative/Replacement

Alt+Tab is probably one of the most used to switch between multiple open applications. However the default behavior or Alt+Tab is not perfect.


SmartTab is a Alt+Tab replacement that has much better features than the regular ones built into Windows.

Instead of showing you larger icons, SmartTab shows you smaller icons and includes the titles of the Windows. This makes it effortless to find the application you want to switch to.

SmartTab Features

  • All windows with small icons & full title at a glance.
  • Activate a window either by using the regular alt-tab dance, or hit a key between 0 and 9 and A-Z, or by clicking it’s title, or by scrolling with your mouse wheel.
  • Less resource hungry than the windows XP power toy alt-tab replacement.
  • You can choose between different colors.
  • Highlighting of windows flashing in task bar
  • Works on Windows 2000 and XP.

SmartTab is a and does not require any installation.

Download SmartTab

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