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How many connections is a application making from your PC to external sites? How many open connections are currently active from your PC to external sites? How many external sites are accessing your PC?

These set of questions are pretty hard to answer unless you are pretty familiar with tracking your network connections, there are tools that allow you to monitor bandwidth usage, but those apps do not show you detailed information.


Axence NetTools Pro is a handy and all-in-one network monitoring tool, that will help you answer the above questions with ease, you can use the tool to monitor all your incoming and outgoing connections.

The tools provides users with the following network monitoring features;

  • NetWatch Monitors the availability of several hosts and their response times. You can set several thresholds so that NetTools will notify you by e-mail, message or sound in case of host not responding or slower connection.
  • WinTools – Lists exhaustive system information from Windows computers: running processes & services, registry, event log, disk, memory & CPU information, and much more.
  • NetStat – Displays all the inbound and outbound connections to your computer and lists all open ports. Additionally, NetStat maps open ports and established connections to the owning application.
  • Local Info – Displays several tables with important information about your local configuration: network statistics for TCP/UDP and ICMP, IP address table, ARP table, IP routing table, and network adapter info.
  • Network scanner – Just enter the IP range to check and you will quickly get a list of nodes and the services running on them.
  • Service & port scanner – Allows you to check for all open ports and running services (HTTP, POP3, MS SQL, Oracle and 50 other).
  • TCP/IP workshop – Provides you with the ability to establish low-level TCP and UDP connections to troubleshoot and test different networking services.
  • SNMP Browser – A full SNMP browser, so easy you can use it even if you don’t know a thing about SNMP.

Along with these there are also several other features like traceroute, nslookup for name server and DNS lookups and more that make this utility a must have for network monitoring and management. Thanks Madhur.

Please note even though the program is free to use, you will have to register on the site and get a activation key to use it for longer than 30 days, the activation key is offered free of charge.

Download Axence NetTools Pro

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