After The Deadline is a Spell Checker With Brains

After the Deadline Spell Checker Natural Languages are complex. Depending upon the context, a single word can have multiple meanings. Although spell checkers can easily spot misspelled words, most of them can’t distinguish ‘knew’ from ‘new’.

After the Deadline is a Spell Checker with a difference. It is designed to improve your writing by utilising artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology. Some of the features which sets it apart from other spell checkers are:

  • Detection of Misused Words: AtD claims that their database includes more than 1,500 commonly misused words and they can automatically detect and correct common contextual errors.
  • Checks Style: AtD attempts to improve your writing by automatically identifying usage of passive voice, clichés, redundant phrases, unnecessarily complex words etc.
  • Checks Grammar: AtD also includes a sophisticated grammar checker for spotting common grammatical mistakes like determiner agreement errors and agreement of the verb with the subject errors.

After the Deadline for WordPress So does it work? We tested After the Deadline for a couple of days. We found the Context Checker to be a bit of a hit and miss. It was able to distinguish ‘knew’ from ‘new’ but failed to spot incorrect usage of ‘now’ (instead of ‘know’) and ‘hour’ (instead of ‘our’). The grammar checker worked better and was quickly able to spot incorrect usage of ‘its’ (instead of it’s) as well agreement of verb with the subject errors. Not only does AtD identify potential errors in your writing, it also offers detailed explanation so that you can learn from your mistakes.

After the Deadline is available as a plugin for WordPress (Visual Editor only), RoundCube, TinyMCE and PHPList. The plugin is free for personal use. If you want to get can idea about their service before installing the plugin you may do so at

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