Experience Aero Glass in Windows XP With Border Skin

As far as Microsoft is concerned Windows XP is dead. However, for thousands all over the world it is still the best Operating System. In case you are reluctant to let go of the performance king that is XP, there are tons of software available to back port Windows 7 features into XP.

Over the years numerous utilities have been developed to bring Aero like transparency and blur to Windows XP. WindowBlinds probably does it best. However, it’s not free and may be overkill for many. If you are looking for a free, light-weight solution you will be pleased with Border Skin.

Border Skin : Aero Glass for Windows XP

Installing and using Border Skin is straight forward. All you need to do is extract the files. You will also require .Net Framework 3.5. Border Skin comes with as many as 20 themes. All of them are variations of Aero and looks cool. The blur effect as well as reflections are done really well. In fact they are almost as good as original.

Border Skin is an impressive utility whose biggest strength is its simplicity. Go ahead and check it out. Let us know whether you were equally impressed.

[Download Border Skin]

Note : Some Antivirus software may erroneously detect Border Skin 0.2.3.exe/Border Skin 0.2.3/Hook DLL.dll as a backdoor/trojan.

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