AdSense Desktop Reporting/Notifier

Millions of publishers use on their websites. The service is one of the most popular ways of monetizing your inventory. However, spending time everyday to visit the website to view your earnings can be tedious if you do tons of other things too.

AdSense Desktop Notifier

In the past I had written about several tools which would allow you to view your Google AdSense earnings on your desktop, however, most of them have stopped working or have not been updated in quite sometime.

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I personally do use a tool which allows me to track Google AdSense earnings on the desktop and it is called SysSense. SysSense provides you with a view of your AdSense reports with a handy tooltip and also sits in your taskbar so that you can view your AdSense earnings whenever you want.

In addition to that, you can also see in-depth reports of your Google AdSense earnings using the SysSense Reports tool. Overall, this is a definite must-have software for any webmaster who wants to keep a quick eye on their AdSense earnings, without having to fire up a browser.

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