Add Tabs To Microsoft Office Word, Excel & PowerPoint

Quite a few years ago when there was only IE6 I really did not have any clue what the power of having a tabbed interface could do, I did use Netscape a bit back then which had tabbed interface, but, then we were all used to using IE6 and opening new windows for each link, piling up 20-25 open instances at a time was a norm.

Then came in and revolutionized how we look at tabs (it borrowed mostly from Netscape), coming back to the future we are now all so used to working with tabbed interfaces that opening multiple windows becomes a real pain.


But still there are some applications like Microsoft Office which do not support tabs, well at least till now. Office Tabs is a excellent that brings the tabbed interface to Office applications.

Once you install the application you can choose from various options provided for individual applications like Excel, Word and PowerPoint, you can also control the look and fee of the tab and customize for the application.

This should also work with Microsoft however it seems to be a bit buggy when I tested it out. However this definitely adds a much better way to work with documents, spreadsheets and presentations, hope Microsoft will officially add support for tabs in near future.

Download Office Tabs (Chinese language view English translation)

[via Download Squad]

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