Add Sticky Note Reminders to Applications And Websites
By on September 20th, 2010

[Windows only]: Sticky notes can be useful at times but this little tool may add an extra level of productivity on your routine computing jobs.


Imagine this you work with applications and websites all day long and want yourself to be reminded whenever you open a specific application or a website. As an example, you want to see a specific message whenever you open Microsoft Outlook or browse Facebook during work hours. Meet Gumnotes.

Gumnotes is a simple sticky note application which lets you jot down ideas and comments from Windows desktop. The feature which separates it from other sticky notes apps is that you can attach a particular note with any program, document, file, image or a website. This is very useful when you forget important stuff you need to complete before a deadline – just write down the important things on a new sticky note and attach it with a document.

To add up custom notes or reminders, keep Gumnotes running in Windows system tray and work on the documents or website as you normally do. When you want to attach a reminder to a specific document, click the Gumnotes icon from system tray and write your message. Done!


The next time you open the same document, the pop up reminder will be shown. The application can also scan your notes and show relevant suggestions, it’s a must use tool if you use a lot of to do lists, reminders, write down everything or aggregate stuff at one place.

The same is true with a website or email client if a note is added to a specific website, a message pops up reminding you of the things you had written earlier.

Did I mentioned that it’s completely free?

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