JumpControl Adds ShutDown, Restart, Logoff and Hibernate Options in Windows7 Taskbar

[Windows only]: Windows 7   taskbar allows you to pin applications and folders to the taskbar for quicker access. You can right click an application or the respective start menu entry and pin the program to the Windows7 taskbar for one click access, which is great !

JumpControl is a free utility for Windows7 which allow you to add Shutdown, Restart, Hibernate, Sleep, Log off and Lock Computer options in Windows 7 taskbar. The idea is great, you can quickly turn off the computer or restart it without having to click the start button or use any keyboard shortcut.

The best part of JumpControl is that it’s portable, hence can be used from a removable drive without installation or modifying Windows registry.

Download JumpControl

Once you have downloaded the package, extract it and right click the JumpControl.exe file. Choose “Pin to taskbar”, as shown below:

Clicking the JumpControl icon from the taskbar allows you to handpick the different options you want to show as a taskbar item. Since I am the only user of my computer, I unchecked the “Switch user” option and checked the remaining ones which includes Shut down, Restart, Sleep, Hibernate, Lock and Logoff.

The result was a nifty little icon in Windows 7 taskbar, right clicking which shows different options to shutdown or restart the computer with just one click.

Make sure you read our earlier trick on how to shutdown the computer at a specified time using a timer. Thanks Vishal.

Techie Buzz Verdict

The options in JumpControl are cool but it’s very basic. There can be improvements e.g adding a timer, shutting down the computer at a specified time or shutting down the computer after the downloads has finished and so on.

Techie buzz Rating: 3 (Good).

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