Access your My Documents Anywhere with Docstoc

Docstoc is a document sharing service which allows users to upload and share documents with other users, in short it acts like a My Documents folder on the Internet for users, allowing them to access documents from anywhere through a browser.

docstoc-logo Docstoc offers users with a sync client to sync the documents to the web for Windows and Mac along with allowing users to directly upload the documents to Docstoc. The Docstoc Sync tool, watches for changes in the My Documents directory and automatically syncs it with your Docstoc account. You can keep the documents private or also share them with other users.

You can also select other directories to sync files from. Docstoc also creates a folder on the desktop called Docstoc Public Documents, any files put in this folder will be automatically shared publicly.


The features of Docstoc sync look pretty similar to a SugarSync we had reviewed earlier, though Docstoc CEO Jason Nazar says that Sync isn’t meant as a replacement from the many backup sites already on the web. The key difference as we see it, is the ability to search and preview features in Docstoc along with the unlimited storage space provided to users.

The main features of Docstoc include:

  • The Fastest way to preview your docs online or offline.
  • Access your most important documents from anywhere.
  • Unlimited online document storage.
  • Automatically sync your computers My Documents folder with Docstoc MyDocs.
  • Easiest way to publish with drag and drop desktop folder. Fastest way to publish documents online.
  • Access your documents anytime, anywhere.

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