7Stacks: Get MAC Like Folder Stacks in Windows

Want to organize your work folders in a cool vertical MAC like grid layout? Check out 7Stacks – a free utility for Windows that can arrange folders of your computer like Mac vertical layouts. 7Stacks helps your productivity at work or at home, because it can arrange all the folders in a vertical grid as shown below:


To get started with 7Stacks, download the application and install it. After that, create a new folder stack and enter the root folder in the stack setttings.


If you have subfolders placed inside the root folder, make sure to select the checkbox “Browse subfolders”. Select the font size and the icon sizes for the stack you want to create. Next, you can choose a custom icon for the stack. If you want to preview the images stored in the folder then you can choose to display the thumbnails also. A new stack will be created on your desktop and double clicking it will open all the folders in a cool MAC like grid layout as shown below


The folder grids are called “Folder stacks” and you can create as many stacks as you like. This is quite useful because it lets you navigate to the important folders of your computer without having to use the Windows Explorer. The folder stacks shortcuts can be placed on the desktop, on the quick launch bar or can be pinned in the Windows 7 taskbar.

Techie-Buzz Verdict

7Stacks is brilliant and it’s a great way to organize files and folders which I use quite often. The best thing about 7Stacks is the ability to quickly navigate back and forth within folders and subfolders. I would like to see custom hotkeys being supported in the future versions so that we can navigate to the stacks instantly. 7Stacks works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and WIndows 7.

Techie-Buzz rating: 4/5 (very good)

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