5 Software Replacements For Broken Hardware

Computers aren’t that expensive any more but why spend money buying a new one when all you have is a broken keyboard or dis-functional power switch for your monitor. Here are great utilities that can serve as replacements when specific hardware goes haywire:

1. Monitor Off:

If the power button on your monitor doesn’t work any more, don’t fear. MonitorOff is a simple utility that can turn the power of your monitor off when you rub it. To turn your monitor on again, simply move your mouse or press a key on your keyboard.

2. Optical Drive Tray:

So your CD Rom drive works but the little button thingy on it is moody? Use this handy utility to open and close the drive tray with a simple slick. The great thing is, it supports up to 4 optical drives at any given time.

3. Touch It (On Screen Keyboard):

If you think your keyboard is a piece of junk, ditch it for an on-screen keyboard that can be customized. Touch-It is a great utility for this with extended features like task switching and multi monitor support.

4. DK:Keyboard:

If the LED light indicating the status of your CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK keys is broken, use this great tool to have an on-screen bubble indicate their status.

5. J-Mouse:

Your mouse just broke but you do have an old joystick lying around? Use J-Mouse to turn a joystick or game pad into a mouse.

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    Take also a look at Dark (screen blanker).
    Open source (at least, the way MS is meaning it). :-) http://dark.codeplex.com/

    For keyboard shortcuts, I'm still using the last freeware version of Hotkey XP. Still working at modern Windows (Win7x64).
    One can find it, at "last freeware version" sites.
    Eg. from there (third from the top): http://www.aplusfreeware.com/categories/util/laun

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