5 Great AIM Chatbots

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) is a popular Instant Messaging service launched in 1997 by America Online LLC (AOL) that reportedly shares about 52% of the IM market in North America (as of 2006). However that figure may have dipped (what with the rise of the Google+Jabber behemoth Gtalk) in the recent years, it still remains as a stalwart of chat-clients. With the advent of robots (scripts programmed to converse with real users as a chatter) or bots, AIM delivered a richer and more satisfying experience online. A few of these great AIM chatbots are outlined below:-

  1. gbuddyGbuddy: So your friends use AIM way more than Gtalk but you suffer from Google withdrawal symptoms every time you login to AIM. Fear not! Gbuddy allows you to search YouTube videos, images, code, and get driving directions along with vanilla Google searching all inside your IM. With features such as group search and transit planning, this chatbot is sure going to be your personal aide on AIM for quite some time!
  2. MyBot: Interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI)? This bot will surely give you hours of fun if you keep talking to it. Acting akin to the original ELIZA (which it even refers to along with HAL9000!) with advanced programming, MyBot will keep you enthralled for the time you log on to your AIM account!
  3. GossipinGabby: A ubiquitous bot, GossipinGabby is usually added to your AIM accounts by default. Search for news and related gossip of celebrities and gossipingabbyother flamboyant personas that you want to keep tabs about!
  4. Ping.fm: Already outlined in another post this is a great service for those social media fanatics who cannot level up in Mafia Wars on Facebook without telling their Twitter and Tumblr followers the great news. Add it up to your AIM account as well for awesome socializing!
  5. mm100x100MrMovie.com: Do you love movies? Can’t stay without constantly digging up news stories about the upcoming movies? MrMovie helps you look for movies by Title and also displays the price of the DVD along with articles on actors, actresses, directors and producers of movies. This is an amazing addition to your IM list on AIM. Go for it!

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