4 Great Websites To Find and Download Movie Subtitles

You spent 4 hours downloading the latest movie through a torrent but damn! it’s dubbed in a foreign language. This is the place where subtitles do their magic. However, finding subtitles is not an easy task, that is why we are bringing you some great resources to find and download subtitles for thousands of titles in dozens of languages:

1. DivX SubTitles:

With over 100,000 uploaded subtitles, Div X is probably one of the oldest and most popular site to find and download subtitles. You can search by subtitle language, file format and even number of CDs.

2. TVsubtitles:

If you are more into TV shows, TVsubtitles has the largest collection of TV show subtitles. Subtitles are organized into TV shows, seasons and episodes. Simply browse to your desired episode and select the language you want your subtitles in including English, French, Brazilian Portuguese and Italian.

3. AnySubs:

AnySubs is another great website to download movie subtitles. The visual navigation and alphabetical organization makes it easy to find the right subtitle file.

4. 5Sub:

If you have exhausted all your options, come to 5Sub, the search engine for subtitles. Just enter the name of the show/movie you want and select from over 30 languages. You can also find the recently uploaded subtitles on 5Sub.

If you are not sure how to add subtitles to a movie, here’s a great tutorial.

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