12 Must Have Useful and Free Microsoft Outlook Add-Ins
By on June 6th, 2008

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most famous desktop email clients which allows you to read emails, schedule appointments, take notes, manage your contacts all from the confines of your desktop.

Outlook in itself is quite sufficient for most users but there are quite a few tools which make using Outlook a much better experience. In this post we will look at the top 12 add-ins for Microsoft Outlook which will make it more useful in your day to day life.



If you have been using Outlook for quite some time you may be stuck with tons and tons of emails which may be difficult to find when you want. Xobni (our favorite add-in) is a Outlook plug-in that helps you organize you emails and quickens your search for email and attachments.

For those who think of the name as a bit weird, it is Inbox spelled backwards.

Xobni provides you with lots of features which include

  • Lightning fast email search.
  • Threaded Conversations.
  • Email Analytics.
  • Quick attachment discovery.
  • Navigate your inbox by people.Blog
  • Extracts Phone numbers from emails and associates it with contacts.
  • Helps you easily schedule appointments with your contacts.


Download Xobni

Outlook Duplicate Item Remover


Over a period of time Outlook may contain lots of duplicate emails, events, contact information and notes. Tracking and removing the duplicate entries can become quite a hassle.

The problem with having duplicate entries for email, contacts, calendar and notes can be easily tackled with a very useful and handy add-in called Outlook Duplicate Item Remover (ODIR).

Read our review of Outlook Duplicate Item Remover to learn more about it.

Download Outlook Duplicate Item Remover



Another Outlook add-in which makes email overload a thing of the past. Taglocity allows you to add in the much needed feature of tagging emails, tasks, contacts and calendar entries.

Tags as most of you must know by now make your life much more easier with finding content and Taglocity adds that missing touch to Microsoft Outlook. Read more in our review of Taglocity.

Request Taglocity Beta Invite

Google Calendar Sync


Google Calendar Sync is not exactly a Microsoft Outlook add-in, but we recommended this utility for those who want to synchronize their calendars between multiple Outlook installations.

To synchronize your calendar between multiple Outlook installations download and install Google Calendar Sync on both PCs. You can then use your Google account as a central storage for calendar events and keep both your Outlook installations in sync.

When you add or update events in one PC, the Google Calendar Sync will automatically add it to your Google Account from where the software installed on the other PC will download the event and add it to your other Outlook installation. As simple as ABC.

Download Google Calendar Sync



Easy2Add is a neat little add-in that allows you to quickly add events to your Outlook Calendar, the interface is quite similar to adding quick events to Google Calendar and can come in quite handy when you want to quickly add a event without opening the Outlook Interface.

You can type the events in plain English and Easy2Add will automatically take care of adding the event.

Download Easy2Add

Live Search Maps


Got an appointment in 10 minutes but don’t know the directions to get there the Live Search Maps add-in will direct you to your destination.

The Live Search Maps add-in shows you directions and travel times to your destinations all within the comfort of Outlook.

Download Live Search Maps

Social Networking Microsoft Outlook Add-Ins

If you are into social networking and don’t want to hop skip and jump to various websites to network with you friends and family, here are some add-ins that you save you time and keep you productive too.



OutSync is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that will automatically sync photos of your friends from your Facebook account with those present in your Outlook contact list.

Download OutSync



FBLook or Facebook for Outlook allows you to easily update your Facebook status from within Outlook. It also allows you to set the status to the song you are currently playing on Windows Media Player or iTunes. Read our review of FBLook.

Download FBLook



OutTwit is a tool that brings Twitter to Microsoft Outlook. Using the tool you can easily update your Twitter status and follow your friends from right within Outlook.

The tweets from your friends are saved as emails into a separate folder you choose. Read our review of OutTwit

Download OutTwit

Other tools Worth Mentioning For Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Personal Folders Backup


As the name suggests the Outlook Personal Folders Backup allows you to easily backup your PST (Personal Folder) files and store it in a safe location.

Learn More and Download Outlook Personal Folders Backup

Google Desktop


Want the precision and lightning fast search capabilities of Google Search for your Outlook email? Google Desktop Search is one of the best available options that will allow you to quickly find emails that are buried deep inside your archives without going through much trouble.

They always say when nothing works try Google and it holds true for Google Desktop search for Outlook emails too :).

Learn More and Download Google Desktop



OggSync is another handy utility that will allow you to sync your Outlook contacts and calendar entry between Outlook and your Gmail account. The newer version supports all contact fields in your Gmail Address book.

Download OggSync


Well that’s a lot of useful add-ins to play around with but how can it be complete without you contributing your own useful add-ins to the list? I would love to hear what tools you use to make Outlook a better experience and definitely want to try it out. Do let me know about them through your comments.

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  • http://www.luxorhotellasvegas.net luxorhotellasvegas

    thanks for you post, really brilliant

  • http://www.squidoo.com/Organic-Search-Engine-Optimization2 Rico

    Great stuff!

    I tried to find a regular copy of Outlook a while back…

    Is there one available (eg an ‘a la carte’ version’ of Outlook)?

  • Randy

    Definately try Plaxo! It is great for syncing several computers. I am a factory rep and we use it between all of our other reps and the main office to sync our contacts….one person makes a change and everyone elses info is updated for the contact

  • http://www.armandbook.com/ Armand

    Great info. I only use MS Outlook for downloading emails and synchronizing my contacts. I don’t know if there’s anything more we can use :) thanks

  • http://seonik.com/new-generation-of-internet-payment.html KW at PerfectMOney

    My comment is.is it really necessary to “pimp your out look out “if other email service already give you more then enough:yea the benefit outlook is we can work it offline,.however still I dont really feel Microsoft out look is important to work with email if the internet is not available

  • http://www.vse-ok.com CPU

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    I have been reading your project techie-buzz.com via translate.google.com. Now I want to help you. … Yesterday, I learned that you have the plugin, which is a serious error. Plugin – Top Commentators Widget. Error in plugin allows any user to take a place in the list of active commentators. To do this, leave only 1 comment! To this end, the visitor must:

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    • Keith Dsouza

      @CPU Thanks for the heads up, I will make the changes that fix this bug

  • http://www.fortheloveofbeads.com Abalone Beads

    Have to agree with KW. I’d rather stick with google mail than try to spruce up outlook.

  • http://www.pcubeservices.com Lydia from P Cube Services

    Installed Xobni yesterday. The network report is not accurate. I emailed myself and did an analysis of me…
    I like the facebook and email by the hour reports.

  • http://www.pcubeservices.com Lydia from P Cube Services

    Installed and used OuTwit today. The convenience of twitting in Outlook is good, but administration of another subfolder in my inbox plus juice usage outweighs the convenience.

    I’ll continue twitting in twitter.

  • http://reachingmydreams.com/blog/ Crystal

    This was VERY useful! In a google search for “free outlook add-ins”, this was the best resource- thanks for helping me get organized :)

  • Alex


    I really like your list. Some of the tools are very cool. But when I want to search my mails in outlook is use neither xobni (it slows down my computer) nor google desktop search (I prefer a tool which searches only my mails, which is more specialized) but lookeen (www.lookeen.com).
    It is not for free, but this is the only negative aspect.

  • Pete Kepf

    Too bad Live Search Maps doesn’t work anymore. And the link, http://search.live.com/results.aspx?mkt=en-US&q=downloads%20details%20aspx%20FamilyId%207A0BCE98%20EAB4%2040A3%20B7EC%2043C09D6AE8CB%20displaylang%20en&FORM=BMMENO will tell you that this useful add-in is no longer available. I tried “Maps for Outlook” from an Atlanta-based company, installed it, and it worked for a couple of days, then disappeared. I’ve never been a big fan of Outlook anyway- going back to Google. It works.

  • http://elcafedejohn.bligoo.com john

    Fantástic information. I got used with Xobni after a long battle to make it more accurate. I was not that trustful with first versio of Taglocity, but now is becoming more usable. I like to use de basic Google Search tool when I’m sure of what i want too.

  • http://www.gist.com Robert

    You should also check out Gist (www.gist.com). It works with Outlook as well as Gmail and any other web-based information source (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) combining your contacts with news about them. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll set an account up for you to try.

    Gist, Inc.

  • Palmetto

    These add-ons look potentially useful, but how do I install them? Looking in Outlook’s Help utility for ‘add-ons’ didn’t yield anything useful.

    Thanks for any light on this subject.

    • Keith Dsouza

      @Palmetto Installing the add-ins is fairly simple, follow the steps listed below.

      Download the add-in to your PC.
      Close Outlook before you install the add-in (most add-ins require this so it is better to close Outlook yourself)
      Install the add-in software just like any other regular software, following the instructions
      Start Outlook to start using the add-in

      Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Palmetto

    Keith, thanks. I just assumed something had to be done manually to tell Outlook the add-in had been installed.

  • http://www.michaelaulia.com/blogs/ Michael Aulia

    I used xobni before. Although it’s interesting and fun, I don’t see a point of using it because it’s slowing down my Outlook startup process

  • http://sleepinsomniac.wordpress.com Sleep Insomniac

    Useful ad-ons, but we need some extra info about how to install them.

  • Alex Sandoval

    I am trying to install Multimap tool for outlook, but i can’t… it tells me that I need another program from Miscrosoft and takes me to a site, then it tells me that theres an error 1316, and nothing happens and can’t resolve the issue… any help? Do you know if Multimaps work well??

    • http://keithdsouza.com Keith Dsouza

      @Alex not sure about this have never used that tool will try and let you know

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  • http://www.prowebdesign.lv Mājas lapu izstrāde

    Lovely, as i have to use Outlook every day and have a lot of work in it, these addins are going to help a lot in my work, thanks for the post!

  • http://www.baydin.com Alex

    Hey Keith — This is a fantastic list! I’ve sent several folks here over the past few months who needed a boost with Outlook. Any chance you’ll update this for 2009?

    I’m biased – but there’s LOTS of other cool stuff out there now. We make Baydin, which uses email context to add intelligence to Outlook – automatic search, event detection, etc. Gist is also great – think Xobni’s social features, but with a heavier focus on integration with a bunch of different data sources. ClearContext is also doing some great stuff for managing email overload – deferring an email for a few days then returning it to your Inbox, for example.

  • http://www.butunsinavlar.com Sinavlar

    thanks for the list,I liked them but esspecially I love”Live Search Maps”

  • http://nodaddy.com NOdaddy.com

    xobni is malware.

    the “free” version of xobni is adware!


  • http://www.qualitypackagingsolutions.co.uk Franko

    Does Outlook have a facility to synchronize emails between a desktop and a laptop computer? At the moment all incoming mail can be seen on both (because I have the ISP server set to keep it for 10 days), but outgoing mail (new or replies) remain only on the machine used to type the mail.

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